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Staff (& Particpants)

  TMJC 2020 is August 2- August 8



Please see the Applications Health Forms pages for the Paperwork needed. See News page for updates.

JUNIOR STAFF paperwork forms are due by April 1st 2020. This is the deadline and last day to apply. No applicants will be accepted after this time in order to schedule the necessary interviews. Music team applications are also due on April 1st, although this application and these interviews are separate from the Junior staff. 





For the protection of all,

we are asking each ministry involved with Teen Mission Jasper County

to do a Lice Check on the opening night (August 2nd).

The teen will should receive a hand stamp by that ministry.

The stamp will simply show proof of evaluation at Check-In.


If a teen is found to have been exposed,

we will simply ask them to return home and get treatment.

Once they are cleared, TMJC of course wants them to return!


We will have a separate area at Check-In for a quick evaluation for any teens not previously checked.

Teen Mission Packing List
  • Gently used pieces of clothing to donate to Community Day if possible, (Adult & small child sizes are especially needed)

Your Belongings
  • PLEASE mark ALL your belongings with your name.

  • Contract Form

  • Health Form

  • Parental Permission Form (These are Required to participate)

  • Extra money on Reward Day IF you choose $5.-$10.)

  • Air Mattress (You WILL need this!!!)

  • Sheets, Pillow or Sleeping Bag &/or Other bedding (well-marked please)

  • 2-3 well-marked towels (a beach towel if you have one) 

  • Medications with instructions (These must be checked-in at admission with the exception of emergent meds such as asthma inhalers and Epi pens. (Teens are responsible for their emergent meds to be near their person at ALL times.)

  • Sunscreen & Bug Spray

  • *Bathing suit --A modest swimsuit, a full suit or a long tankini, is required this year not only for the pool activity and showers, but also for our Reward Day. 

  • Clean clothes for evenings.

  • *Old Clothes for work (T-shirts and tennis shoes for work sites. Flip flops, sandals or slip-ons are NOT SAFE or permissible for worksite attire)

  • Jacket or Sweatshirt for cool evening events, etc.

  • Hygiene Supplies/ Hair Supplies (No fragrances at all. We have several people who are asthmatic)

  • Socks & shoes

  • Clean Undergarments (Approximately 2 sets a day) (Sleeping bras strongly suggested)

  • Other potential items: Hat, Non-disposal bottle, Flip-flops for the showers or pool

    * We expect our young ladies & gentlemen to dress appropriately at TMJC. Work clothes should be t-shirts and higher neckline tank tops that fit properly without being too tight or so loose that gaps allow undergarments to be seen. Sports bras should not be seen at all please. Shorts and pants should not show underwear (or anything worse! Ugh.), nor should they appear as undergarments.

These are general guidelines, however if an outfit is blatantly inappropriate, the participant will be asked to change. 

 *It is not our attempt to try and govern others’ attire, but to make TMJC about helping others, not causing distraction to each other. 

 What to leave at home:
Electronic Devices are not needed at TEEN MISSION. Please do not bring a cell phone, electronic games, computers, etc. To prevent loss of such items, all electronics brought to TMJC will be confiscated at admission and locked up safely until the end of TMJC. All of the staff will have cell phones for emergencies.
Perfumes, colognes, or overtly fragrant cosmetic/beauty products

Hairdryers, electric curlers, etc. (We’ll all be naturally beautiful!)
Any items expressly prohibited in the TMJC contract
Bad attitudes and laziness…. But I’m sure we won’t have any of that!