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SOLO Experience


Anyone who has completed the 5th grade and older can join us for a "mini-TMJC" that we call SOLO day. (Sample One Live Operation) Don't worry though. You won't be on your own. We'll assign an experienced participant or junior staff to each of you to make sure you learn all you can about Teen Mission without getting overwhelmed. You'll join us Tuesday morning for breakfast and stay for a full 24 hours until breakfast on Wednesday when you'll be picked up. You'll experience 3 meals, a full work day, games, evening worship, and an overnight stay.

What to Expect
  • When you arrive Tuesday morning, you'll be paired with your junior staff "buddy" who will walk you through your first TMJC experience! You'll drop off your bedding and eat breakfast with your family group. 

    • "Families" are how we split up all of our teen volunteers into groups. Each family will consist of 1-2 Family Heads, a few junior staff, and participants of a variety of church backgrounds, ages, skillsets, etc. so everyone gets a chance to meet and work with new people!​

  • After you finish eating your breakfast, you'll pack your lunch for the day. Make sure to write your name on it!

  • Then you'll have IDTs - Individual Devotional Time. This is why we ask you to bring a bible if you have access to one. If not, we will happily find one for you to borrow or share with a partner. When you arrive, you will receive a folder with the schedule and your devotion page. It will have a bible passage to read quietly and some questions to sit and think about. This time is expected to be quiet so that everyone can focus and have a quiet moment with God before we start our day.

    • If you have any trouble reading the devotional or finding the bible passage, any staff or junior staff will be happy to help you!​

  • Then, you'll join up with your family group and head out to the worksite. You may be working on a landscaping project where you may weed, mulch, etc. You may be painting. You may be helping on a construction site: Note - Junior High students are not allowed to use power tools. Your family will show you what to do when you get there. Around noon you will break for lunch.

  • Then is games and activity time followed by showers.

  • Then you'll eat dinner and attend evening worship.

  • After that, you'll return to "home base" for family time and get ready for bed. 

  • Rest!

  • In the morning, your guardian will pick you up at breakfast.

What to Bring
How to Register
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